Revella Lash: BEWARE Price & Side Effects Before Buy
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Named as Revella Lash, this serum is effective in increasing the growth of the eye lashes. It contains natural ingredients which results into proper health of the area around the eyes. The cream naturally makes the eye lashes stronger, longer and healthier.


The ingredients which this product has are natural, clinically proven and tested by the scientists. It best property of this product is that it does not contains any harmful ingredient. The product is absolutely free from fillers and has no additives. It does not has the presence of any chemicals as well. So, what exactly does this product consists of? Let’s have a look.

  • Sugar Beet Betaine: This ingredient helps in the stimulation of blood circulation which enhances the growth of the eye lashes. It also gives a calming effect to the skin.
  • Biotin: It promotes the development of hair follicle and grants thickness and length to the eye lashes. This component also reduces the fall of the eye lashes and grants us strong, long and beautiful ones.

Apart from these two main ingredients, this product also has natural oils, moisturisers and detoxifiers which not only heal the area around the eyes but, also make our eyes attractive.

How does it work?

This serum has natural ingredients which provide nutrition to the lashes and also to the area around the eyes. It contains healing agents which reduces itching and controls the breakage of the lashes hence, helping them grow properly and gain a fuller and healthy look.


  • Provides freedom from dryness around the eyes
  • Delivers even growth of the eye lashes
  • Makes the eye area supple and smooth
  • Brings down the appearance of wrinkles near the eyes
  • It makes eyes more beautiful and attractive


This cream is a miracle. It reduces the breakage of eye lashes and promotes their growth to an extent that our eyes look beautiful and attractive. The product was recommended to me by my eye specialist. I had started its use three weeks back and in less than 20 days, I have gained proper eye lashes which are lustrous and healthy. The cream is non-sticky and does not deposits on the lashes and this is the best thing about this product. It is without any side effects and helps us maintain our prettiness.


  • Its use should be done as per the directives of eye experts
  • Sunlight and heat are two components from which the product must be protected
  • Never commit the sin of leaving the pack uncovered
  • Moisture is its biggest enemy. Ensure its protection from it
  • The pack should be bought from a source which is official
  • Children must not allowed to make the use of this eye lash enhancer
  • It must be used after consultation with eye specialists

Side effects

This cream is natural. It is prepared using safe ingredients which are clinically proven. The serum has no fillers and is free from all kinds of preservatives and additives as well. The preparation of the cream is done in the safe environment of GNP labs and under the supervision of renowned skin experts. The cream has only organic components.

What to do to improve its results?

The working of this product can be improved and that too by simply changing some of our daily habits. Consumption of excessive liquor and smoking a lot results into the breakage of eye lashes hence, we must put a halt on these habit of ours. Apart from this, we must avoid unhealthy food and include better quantity of liquids as it moisturises the pores of the lashes and improve their growth.

How to apply?

The serum has to be followed as per a certain routine. In order to gain better results, clean your face with a cleanser or a facewash and water. Once you are done, pat dry the skin and make sure that the area around the eyes is completely free from all kind of makeup which includes, mascara, kajal, eye liner and eye shadow. After this, take some serum on your finger and apply it all over the eye. Perform this step with care so as to avoid the entry of the cream in the eye. Once done, let the cream be absorbed by the skin. These steps have to be repeated daily twice.

Free trial?

The manufacturers of this serum give a chance to all its customers to try it. If you want its trial pack, register on its official website and order the pack. If you have already registered and have not claimed the 15-day trial yet then, do it now. The trial of this product is provided by the manufacturers for free. It can be ordered along with the monthly pack and is delivered with it only.

How to buy?

Revella Lash is an exclusive eye lash enhancer serum. It is available not at the medical stores but, at its own official website. Here, you have to register and make the serum yours. The delivery of this product is arranged at the doorstep of the customers which means, no more running here and there to buy it. Simply visit its official website, make a registration, order it and gets its delivery within a period of maximum 3 days.